Sailpoint Entitlements are nothing but giving access to identities on some resource or Application.

Entitlements in Sailpoint means resources on which identities will get access.

In Sailpoint, Entitlements are given to identities to access on some resource or Application.

Understand SailPoint Entitlement with Example

Let’s take an example to understand Entitlements in Sailpoint.

Suppose there is one JDBC application name OracleApp and there are various types of access like

  • read-only
  • read-write

so this OracleApp application could have two entitlements that we can assign to Identities like

  • OracleApp – (read-only)
  • OracleApp-(read-write)

Now Suppose Sailpoint there are two identities Allen and Jeff.

Now business says that Provide read-only access to Allen and read-write access on DB to Jeff.

In Sailpoint we will give

  • OracleApp – (read-only) access to Allen.
  • OracleApp-(read-write) access to Jeff.

so entitlement is access on application/resource.

Where Entitlements are located in SailPoint?

All Entitlements are located in Entitlement catalog under Applications Menu.

We can see entitlements of all the Applications under Entitlement Catalog.

Applications ->Entitlement Cataloge


When you will click on Entitlement catalog, you will see entitlement catalog page like this:


You will see entitlements of all the applications in your environment.

  • If you have newly set up the Sailpoint IIQ, then this screen will be empty.
  • You can import the entitlements also by clicking on the import button, so you can do export as well.
  • if you want to see entitlement of any specific application, you can do that from the Advanced Search button.
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