In this article, we will learn about Rules in SailPoint, how to create SailPoint Rules. various benefits of writing custom rules. there

Rules in SailPoint are integral part of SailPoint IIQ. Any custom logic or Out of the box concepts can be achieved through rules. In simple terms, any functionality can be achieved through SailPoint rules.

Any custom business logic can be achieved through SailPoint Rules.

What is Sailpoint Rules

Sailpoint Rules helps to make any custom logic. As SailPoint is built in Java. Rules in SailPoint is written in beanshell programming language.

Beanshell is combination of Java and XML language. Any java logic can be written in beanshell and hence that logic we can obtain in Rules.

How to create Rules in SailPoint

Rules in SailPoint can be created through two ways:

  1. Through UI
  2. Through import
  3. Through debug page
  1. Through UI : This is very easy way to create the rules.
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