Identity Mapping

Identity mapping in SailPoint means to map the values to SailPoint identity attributes. SailPoint IIQ provides some attributes out of the box. we can also create as many as custom attributes and can map values to these attributes.

Mapping means we configure or set from where values will be set into these identity attributes.

There are by default so many attributes are present in SailPoint IIQ like firstname, lastname, email etc. So, In Identity mapping we configure the source from where the values will be assigned to these attributes.

Let’s see how we can do Identity mapping in SailPoint

First of all, go to your SailPoint UI -> Global setting


Go to Identity Mappings


Now, all the attributes will be displayed.


You can choose attributes for which you want to assign value. for demo purpose we choose Gender, when we click on it, new window will appear.


Now, we have to choose the Source from where value will be assigned. click on Add Source


you can choose attribute value from all these 3 options.

After Selecting particular option and hit save.

Your Identity attribute mapping has been done for Gender.

Similarly , you can do mapping for all the attributes

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