Entitlement Catalog SailPoint

In this SailPoint tutorial, we will read about the Entitlement catalog SailPoint.

In our one of the post we read about what is entitlement. In short if we describe about entitlement then Entitlement is basically a permission on target application.

Entitlement Catalog SailPoint

Entitlement catalog in SailPoint is the place or location where entitlement of all the application resides.

During group aggregation and account aggregation (when any attribute is marked as managed attribute), All the entitlements of that application goes to Entitlement catalog. if any need to find out the entitlements, any particular application hold,  then just go to Entitlement catalog and see there.

How to find Entitlement Catalog

Entitlement catalog is present under Application  -> Entitlement Catalog


When clicked on Entitlement catalog, below screen will open, in which all the entitlements will be shown.


Furthermore, only entitlements  related to particular application can also be found.

  • To see the entitlement of particular application, click on Advanced Search button and select particular application and click on search.
  • All entitlements related to particular application will be shown.
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