Delta Aggregation

In this SailPoint tutorial post we will learn about Delta aggregation in SailPoint IIQ, How we can configure delta aggregation in any account aggregation and what are the benefits of using delta aggregation in SailPoint.

In our Account Aggregation post, we read that account aggregation is that aggregation in which we read account related information from target application.

What is Delta Aggregation

Delta Aggregation is the feature in Aggregation task where SailPoint will fetch only those records which are changed since last aggregation run.

In simple words, If 100 accounts are fetched during first aggregation task and we enable delta aggregation, then in next aggregation task only those accounts will be fetched which are changed since last aggregation, it could be 10, 20 or any number.

Benefits of Delta Aggregation

There is huge benefit of using delta Aggregation in SailPoint, because it save the time and fast the aggregation task, because it will fetch only records that are changed or altered. so, there will be a huge impact.

How to configure delta Aggregation

Delta aggregation in SailPoint can be configured through Account Aggregation task. Open the Account Aggregation task. Scroll down there will be few options with checkbox, among them, there is option

Enable Delta Aggregation

Just check the checkbox against Enable Delta Aggregation option and save.

That’s it. You configured the Delta aggregation in SailPoint.

In this Post, we study about delta aggregation in SailPoint, how to configure delta aggregation and what are the benefits of delta aggregation in SailPoint.

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