Where to check Java doc API in Sailpoint IIQ

In Saipoint IIQ , you need not to remember all the methods and attributes of Sailpoint IIQ objects. SailPoint provides Java api docs where we can find the details of each and every object of sailpoint. Sailpoint Java doc api is one place where all the information can be found related to the obects attributes, methods etc.

  1. If Sailpoint IIQ is installed in the system then you can find the java doc through URL

<URL_of_SailPoint IIQ>/doc/javadoc

e.g. if Sailpoint is installed on localhost on port 8080 then you can access java doc on


2. you can also access java doc through file directory. you can easily find the java doc in the server where SailPoint IIQ is installed. we have installed Sailpoint in Tomcat serer, so in our case java doc is present in



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