What is SailPoint Debug Page

The Sailpoint debug page is the backend of your installed Sailpoint IIQ. You can see code behind the workflows, Rules, etc in Sailpoint debug page.

In SailPoint Debug page you can see actual code written for applications, rules and other objects of SailPoint.

How to access Sailpoint debug page

Sailpoint debug can be accessed by putting /debug after your Sailpoint URL.

for example, if your Sailpoint is accessed by http://localhost:8080/identityiq then debug page can be accessed by


Information on Debug page

Let’s see what information can be analyze/see from Sailpoint debug page.

  • All objects like identity, roles, manage attributes, forms, etc can be accessed in the form of XML and can be edited on the fly.
  • The rules can be edited and we can run rules and see the output of Rules on the debug page.
  • Sailpoint Version can be checked through Sailpoint debug page
  • logging related information can be accessed through Sailpoint debug page.
  • and many more

Important Point: You can only access debug page of Sailpoint if you have admin right on Sailpoint.

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