Identity Cube

Identity cube in SailPoint represents all the information an identity have in SailPoint IIQ.

Identity cube generally a Identity having all possible information about that identity like its name, email, location etc.

Other than the basic information, Identity cube has information about the entitlement, roles an Identity have.

Identity cube also contain the information of all the accounts in different applications of that identity.

Identity cube in Sailpoint


If you open any Identity in SailPoint, Then you will see all the detail about that Identity. Identity cube gives 360 degree overview.

In the above picture, Identity cube have information of

  • Attributes : Basic information of all the attributes an identity have.
  • Entitlement: detail of all the entitlements and roles that identity have in various applications.
  • Application Accounts: detail of all the account associated with identity in applications.
  • Policy: List of policy violated by identity.
  • History: History detail of identity usually have snapshot of identity.
  • Risk: Information of risk score of identity.
  • Activity: Various Activities performed by identity.
  • User Rights: Information about the capabilities an Identity can perform various operation in SailPoint.
  • Events: Various events triggered for identity.
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