QueryOptions in SailPoint IIQ

In this Sailpoint tutorial, We will study about Queryoptions in SailPoint IIQ. We will study about QueryOptions in SailPoint.

What is QueryOptions in SailPoint IIQ

QueryOptions in SailPoint is the way to query SailPoint Objects like Identities, Applications, ManagedAttributes, etc.

In SailPoint IIQ, We usually have requirements to filter the data of SailPoint objects. sometimes we need to check whether any identity exists or not. Any application have specific information or not? There are so many requirements to filter the data.

Why do we use QueryOptions in SailPoint IIQ?

As we read above QueryOptions is used to filter the SailPoint objects’ data. Now the question is why we have to use QueryOptions.

In SailPoint IIQ, We have millions of records in in databases in the form of objects, QueryOptions make the processing fast to filter unnecessary data.

How to write QueryOptions in SailPoint

QueryOptions is written by using the QueryOptions object by initializing with the new() keyword. You also have to import

import sailpoint.object.QueryOptions;

import sailpoint.object.QueryOptions;
QueryOptions qo = new QueryOptions();

After initializing QueryOptions, we have to add Filter according to requirement. As QueryOptions filters the data, that’s why we will add a filter in it.

Filter f1= Filter.eq("links.application.name","Active Directory");

We can create as many as filters we want.

Later we will add those filters in QueryOptions


finally we can execute QueryOptions by using context.

List accounts = context.getObjects(Identity.class,qo);

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