In this SailPoint tutorial, we will learn about the Population in SailPoint. How we can create SailPoint Population and what are the benefits of creating Population.

In general, Population is group of people. In SailPoint we have Identities, So In the terms of SailPoint it is said that Population is group of Identities.

Population in SailPoint is created based upon the filter criteria. For example, if we want to create create  all the Active Employee OR all Contractual employee, we can put the criteria and population is created accordingly.

Now this created Population we can use in Rules, Tasks, Workflow etc.

Benefits of Population

There is lots of benefits of creating Populations:

  • Population in SailPoint is dynamic, so we don’t need to add/remove identities in the population. Suppose in any organization, there are 1000 Active employees and we already created Population of active employee. Now lets assume after 2 month Active employee will be 1200 then it will be auto added in the population already created.
  • Once Population is created then we can use it anywhere according to business need. Suppose there is a requirement to get manager of all Active employee, In that case we can use population.


How to create Population in SailPoint

SailPoint Population can be created through UI.

Go to Intelligence – >Advance Analytics

How to create population in Sailpoint


  • Once clicked on Advanced Analytics tab, A new page will open where you will see various search filters



  • You can create population according to search criteria. Let’s create a filter on Active identities , for this we will choose Inactive as false and click on Run Search



  • You will see all the Active Identities



  • Now, we can create the Population by saving the result. Click on the Save Identities as Population.


  •   A new window will open and will ask to give the name to Population. Let’s give as Active Employee and click on save.



  • Population is created 🙂
  • we can check our newly created Population.
  • Go to Setup -> Groups 


Now click on Populations tab, You will see your newly created Population


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