Logging levels in SailPoint

In this SailPoint tutorial we will see various logging level in SailPoint. How logging in SaiPoint works


Logging is the way to check the running state of any process. Through log we can check the steps executing as per the logic or not.

Logging level in SailPoint

There are various logging levels in SailPoint. Below are the logging levels of SailPoint

  • Trace
  • debug
  • info
  • warn
  • error
  • fatal

fatal – Fatal is used in critical events which causes application fails to run.

warn – warn is used when Pre-configured problems could arises.

info – info is used when information is needed at each step.

error – error is used when when serious problems needs to be logged.

debug – when process need to be diagnosed.

Trace – Trace is used when more fine-grained log is needed.

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